China10K Omnimedia (the Company) targets to be the leading omnimedia on Chinese culture. Partnered with key content suppliers and major production houses in the region, the Company creates high quality breakthrough programming for viewers around the world. The content focuses on the 100,000 years of Chinese culture, including its rich and fascinating history, biographies, travel, art, and other stories. The Company distributes its unique, original content through multiple channels, which are expected to converge as technology further develops:


The Company creates, interactive multimedia content on entertainment, education, unique products and travel services related to Chinese culture. The Company licenses the content (videos, text, pictures, animation, etc.) and wholesales the products to platform operators and offline merchants. The Company also provides the content and products to consumers directly through its B2C portal, (the Portal.)


The Company publishes and distributes educational materials including supplement to school curriculum and self-improvement classes related to Chinese history and wisdom. has been used to develop questions for city-wide secondary-school exams by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority.

OWNERS' BACKGROUND was initially started by Mei Ah Entertainment Group (Mei Ah), who was established in 1984 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1993. Mei Ah is primarily engaged in television channel operations as well as television and film production, licensing and distribution. It is a leading film media distributor in Hong Kong. The Company's subsidiaries include Mei Ah Holdings Limited, Asia Pacific Media Japan Limited, Brilliant Idea Group Limited, Era Movies Limited, Mei Ah (HK) Company Limited, Mei Ah Development Company Limited, Mei Ah Film Production Company Limited, Mei Ah Investment Company Limited, Mei Ah Trading Company Limited and MATV Limited, MATV (Asia) Limited.


The Company believes there are unprecedented business opportunities in Chinese cultural content. Cultural content can drive e-commerce of unique, high-margin cultural products. Cultural products are a highly lucrative market. Suppliers and buyers are fragmented; the products are highly differentiated and often limited in supply. The sale of cultural products is information-rich and fits well with online commerce. Context such as the historical significance of or story behind each product, videos on manufacturing processes, and so on increases the perceived value of the product and is critical in cross-selling and driving demand for the products. We intend to make among the top sites for information and purchasing fulfilment related to all things China. We shall provide services such as sale of famous Chinese-branded goods, online advertising, and bookings from travelling/tourism. In each of the 10 cities, a group of prominent, well-established brand-name goods suppliers will be selected for our offering. will be the curator and arbiter of fine taste, offering Chinese historical and cultural content as well as a selection of carefully identified products. We will showcase the most distinguished goods from China.


In the short term, the Company expects to generate most revenue from the sale of famous Chinese-branded goods, online advertising, and fees pertaining to bookings from travelling/tourism.