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The Yellow Emperor - the Ancestor of Huaxia

Nowadays, the Chinese call themselves "sons and grandsons of the Yellow Emperor". According to modern archaeological discoveries, the Chinese people originated from the Yellow and the Yangtze River valleys in, respectively, northern and southern China. The Huaxia Nationality originated in the Yellow River valley. The Huaxia people were the ancestors of the Han people, the largest nationality of China today (over 90% of the Chinese people). Thus the Yellow River was regarded as the mother of the Han Nationality and the Yellow Emperor, the father, since he was the ancestor of the Huaxia people. The Yellow Emperor (2698-2598 B.C.) was one of the legendary sovereigns who succeeded Pan Gu, the offspring of yin and yang and the creator of the universe. He was regarded as the founder of the Chinese "Empire" (pre-historical) after his victory over the Miao tribes under their chief Ciyou at Zhuolu. He was said to have invented the "south-pointing wheeled vehicle", armour, pottery, etc., regulated the sacrificial and religious ceremonies of his people, and cut passages through the hills. Under his leadership, there was rapid development in architecture, transport, agriculture and culture, laying a good foundation for the Chinese nation.